Sema luna is a full-service Event Decor Company based in Goa, India. Our passion for events and creativity brought us together to create Sema luna. We provide an innovative and new approach to design in the event industry.

A properly executed event, in our opinion, supports an organization’s creative vision. This team of creatives comes from different parts of the world and knows how to make events look unique. A dedication to detail and hyper-precision characterizes Semaluna’s approach to every project. 

Whatever the scale and scope of your event, we guarantee on-time and within your budget delivery by setting clear strategic goals, defining milestones, and committing to a comprehensive plan. With our organization, you come first. We listen to your ideas, we identify challenges, and we plan events with your goals in mind.


Our team is passionate about managing events, including on-site details, production plans, schedules, deadlines, and to-do lists. The key to a successful event is to plan strategically and to follow a methodical management approach. Your attendees and guests will appreciate the feeling that every last detail has been taken care of.

We have experience in delivering events all over the world and we know what it takes to make an event successful. So if you’re planning an event with us then rest assured that it will be a success.

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